Monday, August 1, 2016

Donate Toiletries for k-12 Students

Whether students like it or not, the beginning of school is just around the corner. For some families, the excitement of the new school year is heightened by the traditional back-to-school shopping. For others, it's a time of stress and wondering how they'll be able to meet their child's basic needs as they return to the classroom. Marshall Public Library is stepping up to help.

The library has setup a collection point for toiletry items to be donated to the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District #25 supply pantry. From now until September 17, library staff will accept items like shampoo, soap, lotion, deodorant, towels, washcloths, laundry detergent, and combs for students in need. Every little bit, from a tube of toothpaste to a hair brush, will help a local student on their way to educational success.

New and unopened goods will be accepted at the first floor checkout desk.  All items will be donated to the school pantries. If you have any questions about this program, please call Amy Campbell at 232-1263 or visit

Writing the Farm

Join us Tuesday, August 30, at 6:30 p.m. for the first Literary Series program of the fall! 

"Writing the Farm: The Appeal and Role of the Rural in American Literature"  focuses on the farm as a location with a multi-faceted history. We often associate the farm with a nostalgic past, with family, and disappearing values, but studying the farm in literature allows us to explore it as a changing concept over time.

Jeff Howard's presentation consists of three parts: 1) a workshop in which audience members will have an opportunity to write about their own experiences with farming and farmers; 2) a look at depictions of farming and farmers in Virgil, John Clare, Oliver Goldsmith, Jane Austen, Thomas
Jefferson, John Steinbeck, Robert Wrigley, and others; and 3) a creative nonfiction reading by Howard of his piece "Nest Full of Pinkies," which explores and complicates ideas about values, family, nostalgia, and farm life in the West.

For more information, please call Amy at 232-1263 ext. 106.

Book Wagon in Parks

Another fun summer of book wagon visits to the parks is nearly over! You have two more chances to check out books and hear stories. You can even choose a book to keep forever.
August 2

Bicentennial Park 11:00 to 12:00
Hawthorne Park 12:15 to 1:00
OK Ward Park 1:15 to 1:45

August 9

Upper Ross Park 11:00 to 12:00
Raymond Park 12:15 to 1:00
Centennial Park 1:15 to 1:45
Indian Hills School 2:00 to 2:30

Read Magazines @ Your Library

There have been changes to the magazine and newspaper subscriptions at your library. Due to rising costs and low usage, some titles have not been renewed. These are listed at the magazine racks on the second floor. The following titles have been added:

Acoustic Guitar BBC Music Magazine
Dance Magazine Drawing
Foreign Policy Linux Journal
Mother Jones Mountain Bike Action
New York Times Daily Edition
Northwest Travel Opera News
Playbill Poetry
Poets & Writers Wired Magazine

You also have access to nearly 2000 full-text magazines through the
library’s website. You may also donate a subscription to the library. Please speak with a librarian if you’d like more information.  

John Bickelhaupt, Reference Librarian

Summer Activities for Children and Teens

The last day for all children and teen summer activities is Friday, August 12. Watch for more information on one final celebration!
*Mondays: Summer Art Institute at 2 p.m.
*Tuesdays: Meet the Book Wagon at the park.
*Wednesdays: Food around the World at 2 p.m.
  Knitting and crocheting club at 3:30 p.m.
*Thursdays: Movies at 2 p.m.
*Fridays: Summer of Code, anytime from 9:15 a.m-2 p.m.
                  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
                  activities at 2 p.m.
*Mondays: Get in the Game at 2 p.m.
*Tuesdays: PG-PG 13 Movies at 2 p.m.
*Wednesdays: Olympic Snacks at 2 p.m.
*Thursdays: G-PG Movies at 2 p.m.
*Fridays: STEM Activities @ 2 p.m.
For All Ages
*Saturdays: Visit the Book Wagon at the Farmers’ Market between                    
                           9 a.m.-1 p.m.