Saturday, October 31, 2015

MPL Recipe Box Book Group

Do you love cookbooks? Have you ever checked out a cookbook and then didn’t
have the time (or bravery) to try more than one recipe? If so, we have the book
group for you. MPL Recipe Box is a book discussion group that allows you to
sample your way through a cookbook.

For MPL Recipe Box, a few cookbooks will be set aside for participants to choose
one recipe from that they will prepare for the discussion. All recipes for the
discussion come from the chosen cookbooks. When you register, a librarian will
make a copy of the recipe you choose. We will sample the recipes while we
discuss ingredients, substitutions, helpful hints, and the big question: would you
make it again?

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to participate. All skill levels are
welcome. Attendees must register and bring a prepared recipe. Register every
month because space is limited. Selected cookbooks, theme, and registration are
at the Help Desk on the first floor. Our next meeting is November 4 at 7 p.m.
and the theme is pie.

Stress Less This Holiday Season

Find the joy in the holidays this year. Marshall Public Library’s ongoing health
series You and Your Health @ Your Library presents the program “Stress Less
This Holiday Season.”

November and December are full of joyful celebrations that often feel instead
like weeks of stressful obligations. Overwhelming demands can interfere with
our enjoyment of family and friends. Join us for ways to deal with financial,
physical, emotional, and mental stress and turn this time of year into a season of

If you would like helpful strategies to deal with the pressures of the holidays,
join Marisa Rapp, M.A., doctoral student, and Melisa DeMeyer, M.S., doctoral
student, from the ISU Department of Counseling at the library on Monday,
November 16, at 6:30 p.m. You will also have a chance to ask questions and
possibly win a Pampered Chef door prize!

This program is free and open to all members of the public. For more
information, please call Andrea at 232-1263 ext. 113 or RSVP on our Facebook
page at

Food for Fines

We will accept food for fines for the full month of November this year!
Bring canned goods to the Circulation desk. Don't forget to bring your library
card! 1 can = $1 in overdue fines waived.

  • No outside drop-offs please
  • No repackaged, perishable, or expired food

Food for Fines does NOT include replacement fees for lost or damaged
materials, collection agency fees, card replacement fees, or future overdue fines.
If you have replacement fees for lost or damaged materials, please ask about
setting up a payment plan at the Circulation desk.

This is Not Your Mother’s Old English

Old English? You mean, like Shakespeare and the King James Bible? WRONG!
Old English is actually much more similar to what we speak today than Middle
English. Surprised? Come to Marshall Public Library to uncover more

ISU Ph.D. candidate Jacob L. Thomas will share his passion for the history of
the English language and medieval English history on Thursday, November 5,
from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Reading and understanding Old and Middle English
earned Thomas a grant to visit England in May, and he is eager to take you on a
merry tour of the fascinating and complex history of the language we speak

This program is free and open to all members of the public as part of Marshall
Public Library’s ongoing literary series. For more information or if you are
interested in facilitating a discussion, please call Amy Campbell at 232-1263
ext. 106.

The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived

King Midas, Rosie the Riveter, Tarzan, Barbie, Dracula, and Prince Charming
all have one thing in common: they never lived. While these fictional characters
never took flesh and blood form, they firmly exist in our popular awareness.

These characters are in some ways more real to us than factual figures from
history, and they came into being for a variety of purposes. Some, like King
Midas and Captain Ahab, teach moral lessons and serve as warnings, while
other characters like Tarzan and Prince Charming bring more adventure and
fun than morals into our lives.

Join Dan Karlan, the co-author of The 101 Most Influential People Who Never
Lived, on Tuesday, November 10, from 6:30-7:30 at Marshall Public Library for
a fun romp through history’s greatest fictional characters. If you would like
more information or if you are interested in facilitating a discussion, please call
Amy Campbell at 232-1263 ext. 106.

Shortened Hours in December

The library will have shortened hours throughout December and will be open
10 a.m.-6 p.m Monday through Saturday. The shortened hours will allow
library staff to complete projects and attend trainings. The library will also be
closed December 24 and 25 and January 1.

We will resume our regular hours of 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday
and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday on Saturday, January 2, 2016.

The Ring and the Wardrobe

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis wrote two of the greatest Fantasy series of all
time. Beyond Middle Earth and Narnia, the two British men were also great

On Monday, November 16, ISU Ph.D. student Valah Steffen-Wittwer will
discuss their friendship and how their imaginary worlds helped create the
genre of Fantasy literature. Both series have been criticized for being escapist
literature, since they are not "real." Steffen-Wittwer will discuss how, by being
Fantasy, these books are allowed to deal with more "real" black-and-white
challenges and large questions of the human condition than realist
stories where things are so often colored in shades of gray.

This program is part of the library’s literary series and is free and open to all
members of the public. If you would like more information or if you are
interested in facilitating a discussion, please call Amy Campbell at 232-1263
ext. 106.