Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Computer Classes

Beginning in August, Marshall Public Library will again offer computer classes for beginners. It will be a series of five classes. The first class will focus on initial introduction to the computer, including instruction on how to use a mouse to point and click, and the following classes will increase in difficulty. The second and third class will familiarize students with Microsoft Word, the fourth class will address using the Internet, and in the fifth and final class the students will create an email account.

The computer classes are geared toward adults over 50 who have little to no computer experience. You may attend all, one, or any combination of the classes. Classes are free and open to the public but registration is required.

The first class will be held on Wednesday, August 11 at 9 am. The same information will be repeated on Thursday, August 12 at 7 pm. Space is very limited so please call John or Amy at 232-1263 ext. 21 to register.

KaBam! Children's Book Group

KaBaM! is THE book group for all youth in Grade 6 and younger. KaBaM! celebrates the wide selection of children's literature available by creating a fun and open atmosphere for children to read and discuss a diverse assortment of stories. KaBaM! has had an active summer discussing pirates, princesses and superheroes.

Starting this fall, KaBaM! will be meeting once a month to talk about the Young Reader's Choice 2011 Nominees (Grade 4-6 Division). Each month, book group participants will read and explore a new title. The monthly meeting will include discussion of the book, an introduction to similar titles, and an activity related to the themes of the book.

KaBaM! is currently seeking feedback from potential participants for a convenient day and time to hold these meetings. All feedback may be sent to the book group coordinator, Jamie, at