Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scott Balsai in Concert

Music in the Library series continues with local acoustic guitarist Scott Balsai. He will perform a concert at Pocatello’s Marshall Public Library, 113 S. Garfield Avenue, from 3-5 p.m. on Saturday, October 17th. The concert is free to the public.
"Acoustic Reflections" is what Scott Balsai calls the compositions he creates on his acoustic guitar. "Each piece," he says, "reflects a sliver of my life, but taken together, they can be seen as musical diary of 'tone poems' which reflect my life as a whole." The compositions carry the listener from Balsai's home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to his hiking the Appalachian Trail, to his moving across the country and his living, teaching, skiing, fishing and hiking in Idaho.

Scott has recorded two CDs of "Acoustic Reflections" which as Taylor Guitars says, "...ring with sparkling clarity...and...glimmer with the rich, hypnotic pulse of a sun-dappled stream." His first CD, entitled Waiting for the Sun, was recorded in Pocatello in 1998 with the help of Steve Eaton. Scott's second CD, entitled Falling Colors on Prairie Braid, was recorded, with the help of Dan Mihlfeith, in Pocatello in 2004.

Learn a Language at the Library

Parlez-vous français? Sprechen Sie deutsch? Вы говорите русского? If your answer to these questions is non, nein, nyet but you would like to learn, then your Library is the place to start.
There are hundreds of language CDs and cassettes on the second floor that may be checked out for four weeks. The languages available range from French, German, and Japanese to Hindi, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Irish. The Library also offers English materials for English as a Second Language students and teachers.
These audio materials vary in level of difficulty from beginner with instruction in the the alphabet and the days of the week to advanced with complex stories and translations. Various methods of language learning styles from the very formal to the very conversational are also represented.
If you are planning a trip abroad, looking to supplement formal classroom learning, or you simply want to explore the amazing world of languages, come to the Reference Desk on the second floor and let us show you where to begin.  
Amy Campbell, Reference Librarian

Voices of the Valley

In an attempt to become a collector of local history, the Marshall Public Library is pleased to announce the beginning of a new program called “Voices of the Valley.” “Voices of the Valley” is an ongoing attempt to bring the history of Portneuf Valley to life through the combined life histories of its long time residents. There are many stories to tell, many facts to learn and we’re doing it one person at a time.
Each participant is given a series of six questionnaires to review and talk about. Each week, we go into the home and record one interview. These interviews are short, relaxed, and informal. The interviews are then transcribed and recorded on CDs. Once all the interviews are finished, we use the stories told to create a life history of the participant. Each participant will receive a personal copy for themselves. The library will also keep a copy on the shelf available to patrons.
We are just wrapping up our first personal history. As always with a new project, we had some kinks to work out. We appreciate the patience that has been shown throughout this production. We also appreciate the help of family members who rounded up old family photos to enhance the text.
Caralee Workman, Circulation Librarian

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is designed to assist the elderly and homebound patrons in receiving large print books, books on tape or CD, videos, or DVDs. Members of the Circulation Staff will deliver these materials to individual homes, assisted care centers, the Senior Center, and long-term care facilities. We go to some facilities on a regular schedule because the residents are accustomed to this set routine. We visit other patrons as they call us. This can be more or less frequent depending on the individual. One other function of the Outreach Program is to assist the patron in contacting the State Talking Book Service in Boise if necessary.
This program is strictly a self-rewarding program. We have received many thanks from the administrators of the various facilities for providing this service. However, the best reward is when the individuals themselves thank you for taking the time to come, talk to them, and provide them with the materials they need.
If you would like more information about our Library’s Outreach Program, please speak with Gene Giesbrecht or Ann Mercaldo at the Circulation Desk.
Gene Giesbrecht, Circulation Librarian

Ghostly Programs @ the Library

What is real in the world in which we live? Can all that is real be touched, smelled, seen, or measured? These are two questions that the Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization (SEIPO) seeks to answer. In October, SEIPO will present two programs at the Marshall Public Library on their original paranormal research.
On October 14th at 7 pm, SEIPO will present information about local ghostly occurrances and the organization’s research methods. Local cases such as a haunted demolition derby car, Virginia City in Montana, and a local haunted family will be discussed. The program will include photographs and audio that SEIPO has collected during the course of their
On October 30 from 6:30-9pm, SEIPO will present a program specifically for teens. All teens are welcome to attend. Bring your digital cameras and recorders and discover just how haunted the Library is!
For more information on SEIPO, visit their website at http://seipo.org