Monday, January 14, 2013

New Look for the New Year

If you haven’t been upstairs at the Library since the new carpet was installed, please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the new layout. After moving 40,000+ books and magazines, 46 shelving units (several times), 16 book cases and dozens of other items of furniture, a new look has emerged.

Look at all the space! (It’s a secret where we found it.) See if you can find some secluded areas to use, away from the areas of highest traffic. All the carpet in the building is now the same, and it is delightful.

Many groups ask to use rooms in the library for meetings and filling all of those requests has not always been possible. In order to help meet this need, the Friends of the Marshall Public Library have donated a meeting room that can be scheduled in the same way as other meeting rooms in the Library. Groups of up to eight people can be accommodated in this new area on the second floor.

Many thanks go to the library staff, men from City Parks and Recreation, Haywire Robotics Club, and other volunteers who worked hard to make this change happen!

Come and enjoy.

Kris Castro, Reference Supervisor

Chief Theatre Display

Pocatello was once home to no less than nine movie theatres before the era of the Cineplex. Perhaps the grandest of these was The Chief, which burned to the ground twenty years ago in 1993 leaving only a mosaic at the entrance to a parking lot in its wake.

During the month of January, Marshall Public Library will host a display about The Chief by local historian Jack McCurdy spanning its 56 year history. The display will be located on the second floor at the head of the north stairwell.

Trent Clegg, Reference Librarian

Welcome New Staff Member Kristy

I am so happy to become a member of the staff of Marshall Public Library.

Having been born and raised in Pocatello, the MPL was a strong part of my growing up. I have fond memories of weekly trips to the library and not so fond memories of getting into my first car accident in the library parking lot.

I enjoy spending my time with my husband and daughter and wrangling our two dogs, cat, and turtle. I am a voracious reader of just about anything and I am particularly interested in the history of our area.

After surviving a computer software change and getting new carpet upstairs in my first few months, I can’t wait to see what other challenges are in store here at the Library.

Kristy Lyon, Circulation Librarian

Set Your Winter Reading Goal

It is time to register for Marshall Public Library’s winter reading program, "There's Snow Better Time to Read." This program will be for all ages and reading levels.

Each reading level will set a goal of how much reading they will do before March 1. When the goal is met, they will enter their completed reading log into a drawing.

Here is the breakdown for each level:

Ages 0-5 years: These young participants will need a bit of help because their goal will be based on the number of hours someone reads to them, with a minimum of 5 hours.

Ages 5-12 years: Participants’ goal will be based on how many hours theyread, with a minimum of 5 hours.

Ages 12 to 112 years: Participants will set a goal of how many books will be read by March 1, with a minimum goal of 3 books.

As you can see, there is something for all ages and reading levels. The program is going on now and will run through March 4. Register now in the lobby at MPL.

Becky Hadley, Readers Advisor

Million Minute Family Challenge-- Amazing News!

We are pleased to announce that we achieved our lofty goal of 100,000 minutes! Thanks to all who participated and helped us reach our goal. We willannounce our in-house winners in next month’s newsletter.

Caralee Workman, Circulation Librarian